Taipei 2018


If you’re looking for a country to visit over the long weekend, I suggest you guys visit Taiwan! I travelled to Taiwan two years ago with my family and it was the most BORING country, or so I thought! We rented a private car to take us to the tourist-y spots in Taiwan like Jiufen, Taipei 101, The rock formations, temples, and *yaawn* I don’t even remember most of it.

Anyway, my best friend and I wanted an adventure and there was a seat sale for Taipei so I thought of giving it another shot, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year!

We booked a cozy airbnb room in Xiemending – a place that is ALIVE past 2PM! They also house the best milk tea place in the world — chachago (located beside Etude house, near Hotstars) so you guys should really really REALLY try their milk tea with taro balls!

One of the things you should do when in Taipei is to check out their take out sushi stands! They’re so affordable and perfect to carry around for when you get hungry roaming the streets of Taipei! Their subway transport system is also SUPER easy to understand so getting around wouldn’t be a problem as long as you have your pocket wifi to guide you through the way!

On our first day, we just roamed around Xiemending, had Din Tai Fung in Taipei 101, went up the Elephant Trail to get a nice view of Taipei 101, and just explored the city as well as the food.


On our second day, we went to the Taipei zoo!! We were surprised at how big the zoo was and how it housed so many animals from different parts of the world! My personal favourite was the meerkats! They had penguins, hippos, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, pandas, penguins, and MORE! IMG_4359IMG_4353IMG_4344

What I loved about this zoo is that it also serves as a conservatory for these animals. Animal protection groups actually send some of the endangered animals to the zoo, so they can be taken care of!


We were supposed to ride the Maokong gondola but we didn’t know that they close every Mondays so we decided to just to go back the following day! Night markets are also a must visit when in Taipei but I personally wasn’t impressed with the food they had to offer.

IMG_4527Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_4667IMG_4753IMG_E4725On our third and final day, we left for Maokong Gondola after checking out. If you guys plan to ride the gondola, make sure to ride the ones with the glass floor, the price is the same but the line for the glass floor gondola is a bit longer than the normal one.

After riding the gondola down, we got back to the city, went to the air fair where artisans sell hand crafted novelties, and then went to Chiang kai Shek Memorial Hall before leaving for the airport. It wasn’t really part of the plan since we weren’t really big fans of history and of … memorial halls (?) haha but the place was sooooo nice!!!!!!!

We only brought 300 dollars to spend for three days and it was more than enough to cover for transportation, food, souvenirs, and even SHOPPING!

My 6-month weight loss program


For my first blog entry, I decided to write about the steps I’ve been making to feel better about myself – not that I feel bad, but seeing people around me invest so much on their skin, hair, diet, and make up – especially with social media creating SUPER HIGH standards for women, I wanted to do a little more for myself.

Today, I’m going to write about fitness and diet. A lot of influencers, celebrities, bloggers, etc., have been promoting healthy diet and proper nutrition these days. With this, healthy food delivery businesses have also been gaining a lot of attention – depending on your diet, weight, lifestyle, and goal, they customise your meal plan and have them delivered to your place everyday! But let’s face it, all these healthy and nutritious meal plans don’t come cheap.

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Grow lashes, grow! : How I got thicker and longer lashes


I’ve always been jealous of guys with long, thick, and naturally curly lashes. Like they ┬ádon’t even have to try! I have to spend at least ten minutes putting castor oil, curling my lashes, applying my first coat of mascara, wearing my falsies, applying my second coat of mascara, applying mascara on my bottom lashes, etc. It’s not easy for me to have perfect lashes that would make my eyes pop, okay? Boys who are blessed with golden lashes just don’t know how blessed they are, and how much girls would be willing to pay just to exchange lashes with them (even for a week) lol #desperate HAHA!

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