Grow lashes, grow! : How I got thicker and longer lashes


I’ve always been jealous of guys with long, thick, and naturally curly lashes. Like they  don’t even have to try! I have to spend at least ten minutes putting castor oil, curling my lashes, applying my first coat of mascara, wearing my falsies, applying my second coat of mascara, applying mascara on my bottom lashes, etc. It’s not easy for me to have perfect lashes that would make my eyes pop, okay? Boys who are blessed with golden lashes just don’t know how blessed they are, and how much girls would be willing to pay just to exchange lashes with them (even for a week) lol #desperate HAHA!

My point is, being a Korean, I’ve always been insecure of my thin lashes. I’ve tried putting on castor oil, buying the 3-step eyelash growing kit, drinking biotin supplements, and everything I could just to make my lashes grow but nothing really worked on me so I had to rely on getting extensions or just having to put on falsies.
But have you seen my lashes lately? I love waking up in the morning and looking at the mirror (HAHAHAHA #GGSS) because my lashes are so long and perky! I haven’t been putting mascara as well, cause new lashes have been growing so I’m being extra careful HAHAHA. I remember before when I’d have eyelash extensions, every time the fake lashes would fall off, my real lashes would fall out as well, and it really hurt having to let go of a lash cause god knows when it will grow back, or if it ever will.

Anyway, I’ve heard a lot of eyelash enhancement medicines and serums but I never believed in them (after being disappointed and ripped off so many times) until I went to Benibana Beauty Hub to check out the hair treatments they offered and saw that they were also offering a few services just for the lashes! They specialise in hair, nails, and facials, but I go to Benibana just for the Digital Lash Rebirth.

Digital Lash Rebirth is only one of the four services they offer for lashes, and is a needling treatment that will make your lashes longer and thicker! I was a bit intimidating to try because of the word NEEDLING but it wasn’t painful at all! They just call it needling because the machine they use to infuse the growth serum into your lash line gives you a similar sensation but minus the prick!

I was a bit sad because I couldn’t tell the difference at first but around 3-4 days after, I woke up and my lashes were ALIVEEEE! *tears of joy*. Two weeks after, I went back for my second session and since I was raving about it so much,  my mom went with me to get the treatment, too!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
My BARE lashes after two sessions of Digital Lash Rebirth.

They told me that after my third session, I can get the the Japanese Lash Lift so my lashes look even perkier! I’m super excited and I wanna thank the Japanese people for the technology they have invented for girls like me! *throws eyelash curler away*


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