My 6-month weight loss program


For my first blog entry, I decided to write about the steps I’ve been making to feel better about myself – not that I feel bad, but seeing people around me invest so much on their skin, hair, diet, and make up – especially with social media creating SUPER HIGH standards for women, I wanted to do a little more for myself.

Today, I’m going to write about fitness and diet. A lot of influencers, celebrities, bloggers, etc., have been promoting healthy diet and proper nutrition these days. With this, healthy food delivery businesses have also been gaining a lot of attention – depending on your diet, weight, lifestyle, and goal, they customise your meal plan and have them delivered to your place everyday! But let’s face it, all these healthy and nutritious meal plans don’t come cheap.

I’m a suuuuuper kuripot person, so I didn’t even think of getting myself a diet delivery service; instead, I tried making my own lunch that I could bring to work everyday!

Note that I made this for myself and I have zero knowledge about nutrition, macros, and stuff like that. I just really wanted to eat more greens, more fruits, drink more water, and most importantly, LOSE WEIGHT.

My morning routine starts at 6AM in the morning, I work out for 30 minutes, put on a face pack, take a bath, and get ready for work! So, the only time I can afford to have a decent breakfast meal is during holidays or when I’m on a vacation. My everyday breakfast is usually just have a cup of wheatgrass powder in lemon water (you can search online about its benefits but I drink it mainly for detox), and McDonald’s iced coffee. I know I’m supposed to drink “smart coffee” when on a diet but I have a love-hate relationship with coffee – I hate its taste but I neeeed its magic.

For lunch, I prepare a meal for myself with broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, and onions. I boil the broccoli with the onions and fry them together in olive oil with the tomatoes and cucumber. Then, I use rock salt and perilla seeds to season them! Perilla seeds are my favourite, aside from being nutritious, they’re also super delicious – it has a milky and nutty flavour that transforms your veggies from boring to…. less boring. HAHA! I also add half a slice of chicken breast or a boiled egg when I feel like spoiling myself hihi

For dinner, I eat whatever I want! Usually dinner time is when I have my meetings, appointments, family gatherings, and it’s when I meet up with my friends, so I let myself enjoy whatever food I want – but of course, I try not to eat too much!

I mentioned earlier that I work out for half an hour in the morning. It was so difficult for me to drag my lazy ass up the bed at 6AM at first, but it gets easier everyday, especially when you start seeing results! I have an app on my phone called Daily Workouts, it’s free for both Apple and Android, and what I love about this app is that it has workouts targeting arms, abs, legs, butt, cardio, or full body so you can just choose whichever you want to focus on! I do the full body workout for 30 minutes, so it has 20 different exercises with each one lasting for 90 seconds.

Thrice a week, I also go boxing at Elorde and I’m absolutely in loooove! It makes me sweat so much, I hear my fats crying!!!! My trainer also gives me workouts to do in between sparring like ladder workouts, speed ball, punching bag, HIIT, etc., so it’s super intense!

My height is 158cm, and right now I weigh about 47kg. I used to weigh 41, and I gained so much weight so this is the program I will be following until I go back to my old weight!


Wish me luck! 


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